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Now, we answer the burning questions. How do I subscribe to the fanzine? And what exactly do I get if I do that? Well, I can’t promise any dream dates with Madonna ;), but I do promise some of the following:

Cover coverage for fans – We love featuring fans works of art and creations on the cover, so you can always to see some fan alterations with each cover we do!




Latest News and Reviews – We break it down for you. Whether it’s a new video, concert or even a hairdo, we get you the scoop.




Rare interviews and in-depth articles – We like giving you stuff you haven’t seen before or missed the first time around. And, to that end, we take deeper looks at important people, places and things in Madonna’s world.




Fans! Fans! Even more Fans! – Well, this is the meat and potatoes of our production. Art galleries, letters, classified ads, zines, Web site reviews and more give you a chance to stake the spotlight and strut your stuff!





Besides 4 issues of the zine, your subscription includes newsletters, contests, deals and special staff status! You decide what makes it or breaks it in both the zine and on the Web site. After all, Madonna wouldn’t be here without her loyal fans, and so it is with Everybody. We depend on you and look forward to your input!

So, now that we’ve given you the pitch, here’s the all important subscription information. Email me if you have any questions.

Subscription Information

Full subscription—4 issues, newsletters, contests, promotions and more! – 20.00
One issue of the Everybody zine – 5.00
S/h for one subscription is 5.00, for one zine is 1.00
For payment and contact information, email me at mariam@everybodyfanclub.com

Looking for Back issues? Click here for our current gallery.



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