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Here I am with my friend Michelle last fall to see Madonna in concert. As you can see, the inspiration was all Susan! We will have more pics from this great experience soon.

So, who’s the crazy person behind this mountain of Madonna stuff? I know it’s no fun being kept in a state of mystery, so I’ll spill the beans. My name is Mariam Ayub and I live in latté land, otherwise known as Seattle, Washington. I’m 29 years old, (about to hit the big 3-0 in November), and I was originally born in St. Clair, Michigan. Yep, us Michigan gals have got to stick together! Anyway, my love for Madonna started at the ripe old age of 12. It was then that I managed to sneak in a midnight viewing of “Night Trax” and with the video “Lucky Star”; my love affair with the pop goddess began.

Now, it’s only a few years later ;), but I have amassed a wealth of merchandise, music, pen-pals, and most importantly enjoyment from our one and only diva. “Everybody” has been my work of art, and I have loved sharing it with other fans and friends over the years. (Learn more about that here.) As far as me, I have done the high school thing, the college thing, the degree thing, the working at a music store thing, and the whole dot-com bust thing. Ups and downs have come and gone, but I have persevered. Now, I want to share some links that might shed some light on me with you, but as always if you have any questions, you know who to ask.  

For some time now, friends, fans and others (maybe my stalkers???) have asked me to put more up here than I have so far, so I am going throw some things up on here and they either have something to do with me, but not much with Madonna, or nothing to do with Madonna altogether. It could just be more pictures of me for my never-ending fans...;) LOL But seriously, if there is something you would like to see, feel free to email me, I am more than happy to spend even more time on this computer appeasing the masses. Woohoo!

Latest links:
Check me and my mom out here on Bob Fisk's great site. We all attended the same Air Supply concert and enjoyed talking about the music biz. Give his site and (us) a look meeting the band! Click on concerts on the left when you get there!

Karaoke Northwest

Here is a prototype for a new Hall and Oates site I am working on. In case some of you don't already know, these are one of my favorite bands next to Madonna. You really have to check out their new album, Do it for Love! Go their site http://www.hallandoates.com and learn more about these great guys!

Hall and Oates Memories

That's all for now. More to come soon!

                                                                                                                                             Fun Links!

Well, if you are looking for Madonna links, click here and check those out. However, if you are interested in some other types of links, scroll down and try these on for size!

Festivals.com – This was the last job I had, and one that I relished doing. Yes, I was a “dot-com” employee, but more importantly, I got to indirectly work in the music industry for a few years and I had a blast! Check out my reviews while they are still up. ;)

Lady Fest Seattle – Here is my current project. I am one of the key organizers for next year’s Ladyfest event and it is already shaping up to be quite the undertaking. If you live in Washington State and are interested in getting involved, please let us know at info@ladyfestseattle.org.

SmartGirls – I volunteered with these guys for their annual conference and it was so much fun! SmartGirls help young girls learn more about math and science and what career options are available to them. Check it out!

NARAL – I have volunteered with this organization and they are a great group. Sign up for all the updates and goings-on!

American Diabetes Association – Since I am diabetic, the ADA is very important to me and volunteering for them was a great opportunity. Learn more about this great group here!

VounteerMatch or Idealist.org – As you can tell, I love to volunteer my time for causes I believe in. Here are two great places to find out what you can do in your area for organizations you stand behind!



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